Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Creating an HTML site was pretty difficult to get the hang of. Starting out was the worst part, but it definitely got easier as time went on and it almost became fun. It was very rewarding to have something work after spending forever trying to get it figured out.

I made a website for my sister and brother-in-law’s dogs. A website that would show and help sell their Cocker Spaniel puppies. Normally these kinds of websites are crammed with information, not set up with a good page layout, and are just plan messy looking. I really wanted to try making a clean and simple site that could still include the needed information.

I drew a few sketches of some different ideas of what I could do. Then got on the computer trying to add colors and what not to it. I came up with a few ideas that I really liked. I illustrated stylized Cocker Spaniel dog that I liked so I tried to play off that creating a website that would follow the same style. Coming up with a few different ideas that might work with the illustration.

In the end simplifying everything as much as possible looked best. The layout I choose to do was clean and simple. It made it easy to follow suit with my other pages. I had to come up with a few more similar illustrations of Cockers for the other pages. Which I was surprised most of them worked out pretty well. I am not a fan of the illustration for the litter page, but I just couldn’t seem to get it right after countless attempts. It turned out ok but it’s not my favorite.

After finishing the Cocker illustrations I played around with a few ideas for my logo. I came up with one pretty quick, which was nice. I just tried the different color options I could apply to the logo, than I just had to decide on a background color for the page before I started with HTML. After looking at my computer thumbnails again I decided to go with the tan color. I liked how it looked with the black and white lettering.

Then it was time to start HTML. I had no idea where to even begin. Once I was able to get started I slowly got the hang of the HTML coding and how to get it to work with CSS. I was able to get the page to set up the way I wanted which I felt was a big feat. Once I had figured out the home page for the most part it came together easily. I even almost started to enjoy it.

After hours in the Lab I was finally able to upload a fully functioning site. I was very pleased with how it turned out and was excited about everything I had been able to learn about HTML in just a few days. Despite the many headaches, I found that for the most part enjoyed the project and enjoyed being able to work with HTML. Below are a few of the pages, but check out the actual site the best part is that it functions! The URL for my site is


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