Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Typography Animation

I had a good time putting this project together. The hardest part for me was trying to decide on what movie to do. I wasted too much time trying to decide which quote to use. I am pretty sure that at each critique I had a different quote that I was going to use for the animation.

I started out using a quote from a scene from Matilda. My ideas for the animation poster were all over the place and I had no idea really how to go about it. I wanted to make an awesome Typography Animation Poster using great design that would just wow everyone. I am pretty sure that the exact opposite was my end result. I came up with a few animation ideas that needed a lot of help. I had so much to do to fix up my rough drafts that I thought I'd be better off just going into a different direction all together.
So for the actual Animation Poster critique I decide to do a quote from the movie, "The Man Who Knew Too Little." I spent most of my time doing a typography illustration of a hand shaped like a gun, similar to the hand on the on the cover of the DVD which explains a lot about the movie. Which I was pretty pleased with how well it was turning out, but it was taking up a lot of time to do.

About half way through the hand, I decided it would make more sense to create an illustration that would go along with the actual quote. So I switched tactics about four hours before the critique. Not that best move, I was obviously struggling hard core with this project. Anyways this is what I came up with.
Then it came time for the actual animation part. I had no idea how I would animate that quote. There was nothing exciting in the voices that I could even go off. So for the third time I switched quotes. I decided to do a quote from the TV show, "Friends." I had a good time creating it in Flash. Although it was very time consuming, I thought it was quite enjoyable to animate the letters to go along with the quote. After days of constant work I believed I finished about a half hour before the critique. Awesome! I was pretty proud of how well it turned out. Obviously I could always go back and do more, but for my first experience with Flash i don't think it was half bad.

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